About Cyclops Cat

Cyclops Cat is drawn by an adult human named Blake Chamberlain from the Seattle area in Washington State, USA. It will be updated *almost* daily for the foreseeable future unless something terrible happens which is best to not think about.



Cyclops Cat
A little bit snarky, but also naive in that lovable way.

Bwooford the Cat
A big pink ball of fluff that is often rude, but nonetheless Cyclops Cat’s best bud. Can also be unexpectedly sweet.

Eugenia Cat
Artistic and cool. Who Cyclops cat would like to be best friends with.

Mr. Telly
Always the bearer of bad news and harbinger of surreal times.


Helga Hippo
Nobody’s fool and a bit of a contrarian. Prefers solitude.

Eunice Eunicorn
Lives in and RULES a world of her own… located somewhere real far out in the galaxy.

More about Blake: He loves art and making art, 1970’s glam rock music, collecting cats, and he has some silly radical beliefs like there should be justice and equality for all and such. His main art website is blakechamberlainart.com. He takes commissions at reasonable rates. Click here for more info!